Sunday, December 10 @ UU

Pete will offer “The Four Sangha Vows” developed by Dharma Teacher Lyn Fine. In the midst of conflict and confusion in the world and in ourselves, the Five and Fourteen Mindfulness Trainings continue to be a source of inspiration and encouragement to us. The Four Sangha Vows are an additional tool and helpful reminders for opening and deepening our Sangha friendships.

Tuesday, December 12 @ DBT

Marge will share on “Dwelling Happily in the Present Moment.”

Standing Meditation
Practicing this standing posture allows us to bring mindfulness of the present moment into our daily lives. We can do it almost anywhere — standing in line, at the crosswalk, and in elevators. When you’re about to meet someone, especially someone who you might be nervous to see (such as a boss who is giving you an evaluation), meditate and clear your mind so you can give them your complete calm and undivided attention.
Stand gracefully, relaxedly with your legs shoulder width apart, feet parallel.
Close your eyes or look softly at the floor or ground in front of you. If you feel unsteady on your feet with your eyes closed, gently hold onto something solid nearby to steady you.
Let your arms hang at your sides, relax your neck and shoulders. You may also want to loosen your knees and any other parts of your body where there is tension.
Let your attention rest for a few moments on the sensations at the base of your feet (at the point of contact with the ground) and on the crown of your head.
Move back and forth with weight on one foot, then the other. Then move forward so that more of the weight is on your toes and balls of your feet. Rock gently backwards, shifting the weight to your heels. Find the position where you feel most centered on your feet.
On the inhalation, sense your breath rising into your feet, through your body, and out through the crown of your head.
On the exhalation, sense your breath moving from your head, down through your body and out through your feet into the ground.
Keep the sensations along your spine in mind. You may notice a soft straightening on the in-breath.
You can visualize the breath in any way that you want, as a ray of light or stream of water, or simply just experience the sensations.
Repeat this a few times, until you feel a little bit more peace.

adapted from Still Mind