Sunday, March 26: Dharma Talk by Heather Lyn Mann

Heather Lyn Mann will offer a Dharma talk and guided meditation. She has recently published a wonderful book, Ocean of Insight, a combination of her adventures and Buddhist teachings.

We'll then meet for dinner at a local restaurant.

If you'd like to hear from her, check out this recent webinar.

A bit about Heather. . .

Spiritual ecologist Heather Lyn Mann is a practitioner of Buddhism, sailing, and mindful advocacy. She founded and led the not-for-profit Center for Resilient Cities--an organization mobilizing inner-city residents to restore natural beauty and function in damaged neighborhood landscapes. In 2007, together with her husband and cat, Mann set sail on a six-year, 15,000-nautical-mile ocean voyage. Today, Mann facilitates the Care-taking Council of the newly formed Earth Holder Sangha in the Plum Village tradition, she is on faculty at Charleston's Sophia Institute, and she offers retreats and workshops on Mindful Advocacy for Personal and Community Resilience.
Learn more at HeatherLynMann.com, @HeatherLynMann, or facebook.com/HeatherLynMann